We will be staying on the dorms ON CAMPUS at Troy University. These are furnished, but empty dorm rooms, so you need to bring what you need for staying the weekend.

      • Butter & Egg Adventures Hold Harmless Form
      • Blanket/bedspread
      • Mattress pad (quilted) – optional
      • FULL SIZE Bed Sheets
      • Towels
      • Floor towel/Bathroom mat
      • Pillow
      • Trash bag
      • Umbrella
      • Raincoat
      • Clothes hangers – optional
      • Alarm clock
      • Water bottle – optional
      • Snack items for yourself – optional
      • Sun Screen
      • Closed-toe shoes / tennis shoes
      • Nice “dress” clothes for individual and group photos on Sunday (no coat or tie is required for men, equivalent for women)
      • Extra cash to purchase drinks or snacks – optional
      • *There are no vending machines are located in the dorms.
      • Coat/jacket/sweatshirt – optional to wear during indoor sessions


  • Valuables
  • iPad / Laptop
  • Expensive jewelry

What to Wear

  • Casual clothes, comfortable clothes, throughout the weekend
  • Saturday: close toe shoes / tennis shoes and athletic wear for outdoor activities
  • Sunday: individual and group photos will be taken; student should wear nice “dress” clothes
    • Male students: a collared shirt and khakis/slacks; coat and tie are optional
  • Additional items: rain jacket; if cold natured, bring a sweatshirt or light coat/jacket for indoor activities


Appropriate dress for outdoor activity – hot weather
(don’t wear T-shirt given at Forum, save it for afternoon)
Closed toe shoes, no flip flops, tennis shoes preferred
Sunscreen recommended
Water provided, may bring own bottle, if desire

Source: tennisracquets.com/collections/oliver-thomas-bags

Butter & Egg Adventures Hold Harmless Form