Troy University is a Smoke Free Campus.  No smoking will be allowed any where or at any time during the Forum.


In the University community, as in any other group situation, rules must be established for the benefit of all. The regulations below have been sanctioned by the University and conferees are expected to abide by them.
Conferees who violate these policies or any others set up for the good of the conference or the University are subject to immediate dismissal from the conference.

The following are prohibited in and around University operated facilities:
The unlawful use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, public drunkenness, driving under the influence, or the public display of alcoholic beverages and the use or display of such in public areas of the residence halls and all other public areas of the campus.
Use possession, sale or distribution of narcotic or dangerous drugs, as defined as illegal by the statutes of Alabama, except prescribed by a duly licensed physician.
Fireworks, firearms (Including pellet guns, air rifles, paint guns), knifes or any type of explosive device or material.
Gambling in any form.
Candles or other flame-emitting articles.
Playing or practicing musical instruments, including twirling batons, flags or rifles inside the halls.


Male and female living quarters are off limits to members of the opposite sex at all times. Each residence hall has a social area which is open for co-educational activities.
Curfews (set by the Conference Director) will be strictly enforced. Persons outside of assigned areas after curfew are subject to disciplinary action and dismissal from the conference.
Buildings will be locked at curfew. No doors should be propped for anyone after curfew.
Conferees will not be allowed to leave campus without written permission from his/her conference sponsor or parents.

Room Searches-University Jurisdiction
If deemed necessary and advisable for the safety, security, and the maintenance of an educational atmosphere, a room may be searched.
Searches will be conducted only in accordance with the preceding statement or if there is reasonable cause to believe that the conferee(s) is using his/her room for a purpose in violation of federal, state, or local laws or University regulations. Any room search, except one conducted by law enforcement officers with a duly issued search warrant must be approved by the Director of Conference Services.

Loss and Damage
The University is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of conferees while attending a conference.
Each conferee is urged to provide for the security of his/her personal belongings by locking his/her door.
Thefts should be reported immediately to a Conference Services staff member or the University Police.

Identification/Meal Tickets
All conference participants are required to wear their identification/meal tickets tags at all times while on campus. This is what identifies you to University personnel.
Meal Tickets are to be used by the individual to whom it was issued to and cannot be transferred to anyone else. You will not be allowed to eat without a meal ticket.
A $5.00 replacement fee will be assessed to an individual if a meal ticket is lost; please report lost meal tickets to a Conference Services staff member.
Persons not complying with regulations regarding identification cards will be subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from camp.

Keys are to be returned at the conclusion of your conference to the designated Conference Services staff
A $250.00 replacement fee will be assessed against conferees’ that loses or fail to return their key.
Lost keys should be reported immediately to one of the staff members.

Decorations, Furniture and Windows
Do not decorate halls, rooms or doors without permission from the Conference Director. Do not use chalk on the sidewalk outside of any buildings on campus.
All furniture in the rooms must remain there. Do not disturb furniture in the public areas.
Do not open windows unless absolutely necessary. Also, do not lean out windows or hang wet clothing out to dry on window ledges. Do not throw any objects from the windows.
All participants will be issued a copy of the rule and policies upon check in for the conference.